Liquid Glucose

Liquid Glucose

CAS No. :5996-10-1

HS CODE :17023010

Molecular Weight :198.17

Chemical Formula :C6H12O6

Characteristics :transparent,colorless

Main Usages :

In food applications :
1) It can be used in the candy industry . Liquid glucose sirup is a modest sweeter,with well devitrification, oxidative stability , moderate viscosity and good chemical stability. 

2) liquid glucose syrup in the water absorbability high for the pig, bread, puddings, soft products can maintain, improve and extend the durability of products taste. 

3) liquid glucose syrup is resisting crystallization, freezing point additional advantages for the cold drink production, the word can improve products, enhance product quality. 

4) liquid glucose syrup in the use in bakery applications

Standard Specifications :GB/T2319-97

Term   Specification :

Annual Production :100000MT/Year     

Packing :Packed in 300kg plastic drum or packed in 280kg iron drum
Storage :Kept in a light-proof,well-closed,dry and cool place.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: 5996-10-1
Brand Name:  

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