Crystalline Fructose

Crystalline Fructose

Molecular formula :C6H12O6

Molecular weight :180.16

CHARACTERISTICS Fructose is white crystallized powder,sweet taste, tasting twice as sweet as sucrose,and tastes particularly sweet when cold or in solution,it is sweetest glucide.

Application :

Food Industry :Fructose replaces sucrose in canned fruit and fruit preserves together with 20-30% maltose syrup, also it is can be used in carbonated beverages as only sweetener or in combination sucrose and with artificial sweeter such as saccharin.

Other applications are :Bread and cakes,Creams,Marmalade,Chocolate,Soft drinks,etc.

Package :25KG /KRAFT/BAG

Shelf life :2 YEARS


Product Origin: China
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