Pharmaceutical Dextrin (DE4-8)

Pharmaceutical Dextrin (DE4-8)

Product Name :Pharmaceutical Dextrin

CAS No. :9004-53-9

Molecular Formula :(C6H10O5)•nH2O
Description: This product is an unfermentable carbohydrate chain that is not large enough to be considered starch because it does not turn iodine black in the iodine reaction. Dextrin occurs as an intermediate product of starch hydrolysis and is achieved by either enzymatic action or by cooking. The term dextrin describes a class of intermediate ingredients produced by treating starches with heat, acid, or enzymes

Usage :This product is used as a diluting agent for pills and capsules, as well as a thickener in creams and foam stabilizer in beer. It can also be found in baked goods, candy, gravies, pie fillings, poultry, puddings, and soups. FDA considers it Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) when used in amounts sufficient for its purpose.

Package :25kg /bag Poly-woven Bag.

Storage :Store in a well-closed container.

Product Origin: China
Model Number: 9004-53-9
Brand Name:  

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