L-Lysine Hcl

L-Lysine Hcl

Synonyms :L-Lysine Monohydrochloride,2,6-Diaminohexanoic Acid Monohydrochloride

CAS No. :657-27-2

HS CODE :29224110

Molecular Weight :182.65

Chemical Formula :C6H14N2O2-HCL

Characteristics :white or almost white crystal powder,smell-less

Main Usages :

(1)In feed industry :Lysine is a kind of amino acid, which can't be compounded automatically in the animal body. It is indispensable for lysine to compound brain nerve, generative cell core protein and hemoglobin. Growing animals are prone to lack lysine. The faster animals grow, the more lysine animals need. So it is called the ‘growing amino acid’ So it has the function of increasing the practical utilities of feed, improving the meat quality and promoting the trowth of animals.

(2) In food industry :Lysine is one of important compositions of protein. The body requires Lysine which is one of eight essential amino acids, but cannot synthesize it so it must be provided in the diet. For a good enhancing agent, add lysine to potables, rice, flour, and it will rise up the rate for utilizing protein so that it can enhance food nutrition greatly. It is also an efficient dietary supplement in improving growth, adjusting appetite, reducing diseases, and making the body stronger. It can deodorize and keep fresh in tinned food.

(3) In Pharmaceutical Industry :Lysine is available for formatting compound amino acid infusion and making effection better than hydrolytic protein withless side-effects. It can be made a nutritional enhancing agent with various vitamins and glucoses, and is easily absorbed in the gastrointestine after consumption. Lysine can also better the performances of some drugs and improve their efficiency.

Standard Specifications :FCCIV,AJI92,USP26

Certificates :KOSHER, HALAL, HACCP, FDA, ISO9001

Annual Production :80000MT/Year

Packing :25kg bag

Storage :Keep in a well-closed,dry and cool place, guaranteed for 2 years


Product Origin: China
Model Number: 657-27-2
Brand Name:  

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